Profiles Overview and F.A.Q.

We’ve rolled out some major improvements to the Disqus commenter profile that makes it even easier to get to know and follow the people participating in your favorite online communities.  

What do profiles look like?

Better user experience

In order to improve the overall reading experience, the new commenter profiles are now overlaid on top of the comments so you never lose your reading place again. When you’re done checking out a profile, you can easily jump right back into the comments without having the reload the page or hit the back button.  

Following made easy

We’ve also made it easier to follow your favorite community members by including a nice large follow button as well as including two new tabs that show a user’s list of followers, and a list of people that the user is following.  

The new profiles were designed with mobile in mind so they will automatically resize to fit all different screen sizes – this makes the whole experience seamless no matter what device you’re using.

Update Your Own Profile

You can make your new profile shine by uploading your own custom avatar as well as adding a short bio about yourself. To experience the new Disqus profiles, click on any commenter profile photo on this blog or on your favorite Disqus community.

All of the new features at a glance:

  • Profiles now overlay on top of the comments so you never lose your reading place again

  • Ability to see the follower and following lists of any user

  • Auto-pagination for all three tabs (Comments, Followers, Following)

  • Responsive styles automatically resize the modal to fit different window heights

  • Designed for mobile using full-screen window

  • Commenting activity grouped by thread; now mirrors My Disqus activity

  • Automatic Translations: The profile modal uses the same language as the embed from which it is launched​​


Where can I find my total number of positive votes?

While they currently aren't available within your profile modal, they can be viewed in the hovercard accessed by hovering your mouse over your avatar next to a comment you've made. Positive Votes

Why would I want to follow another user?

Many comments posted through Disqus are hilarious, insightful, or just fascinating to read. Following other users keeps you up-to-date with the latest news that's relevant to you. After you choose to follow someone, his or her activity will show up in your My Disqus tab, Daily Digest Email and Dashboard activity stream (use the “Context” button to get the full conversation).  

Following users is a great way to discover new communities that you never knew existed.  Everyone has different interests so following some of your favorite commenters can be a great way to find new and interesting communities.  


Where can I find interesting people to follow?

To get you started, we've curated a list of some of our favorite community members from all across the web. Visit our suggested follower page and follow a couple of users or connect your Facebook account to find friends that are already using Disqus. 


Can I hide my profile from being shown?

As Disqus is a networked platform, both user profiles and the comments they contain are always public in Disqus. While a site itself may be not publicly-accessible, for example, comments do still appear in user profiles.

Disqus does not currently offer a privacy mode or any similar functionality for user profiles, comments, or sites.

For more information please visit this help doc.

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