What's a shortname?

A shortname is the unique identifier assigned to a Disqus site. All the comments posted to a site are referenced with the shortname. The shortname tells Disqus to load only your site's comments, as well as the settings specified in your Disqus admin.

Do I need a shortname?

Yes. To manage comments in Disqus you will need to register your site and install Disqus on your site using the shortname registered.

Choosing a shortname

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a shortname:

  • Your shortname cannot be changed once it is registered. Be sure it's the one you want. 
  • Your shortname will not appear publicly. However, your website name will show up in a number of places including (but not limited to): email notifications, the My Disqus tab, the Community tab, and the Discovery box.

Adjust your website name in forum Settings > General > Site Identity.

What are my shortnames?

You can access the list of your sites by first visting your Home Feed and selecting “Admin” from the user drop-down menu: Dashboard Admin Link

Then clicking the sandwich menu button on the top left of the Admin: Forum List

The shortname can be seen in the address bar of your browser as example.disqus.com/admin or in the forum settings.

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