Who deleted or removed my comment?

Is your comment not appearing in the thread or are you unable to post? The best way to learn more is to check your Me Feed for the status of the comment or contact the site moderator who will have more information on why your account was blocked.

If you have already posted your comment and it is not showing

If your comment was posted but isn't appearing in the thread, check your Me Feed to determine why the comment is not appearing. Your comment could be...

  • Pending
    Home Pending Message
  • Removed
    Home Removed Message
  • Marked as spam
    Home Spam Message

If you see one of the above messages next to your comment, try reaching out to the moderator of the site where you posted the comment; site moderators are the only ones with the authority to approve a comment or explain its status.

If none of these messages appear next to your comment, there could be a lag in duplicating this data across the Disqus system, so try revisiting the thread at a later time to see if the comment is visible.

"We are unable to post your comment..." error

This message indicates that you've been blacklisted from commenting on the site in question, you can contact the website for more information on why you were blocked. Note that while Disqus offers many moderation tools, we do not moderate comments ourselves.

We are unable to post your comment because your account has been blocked

If you have additional questions, we'd recommend contacting the moderator or owner of the site in question. They normally have their contact information available on a contact page though this is not a requirement and may vary from site to site.

How to contact a moderator

Most websites have a contact form or email address listed to get in touch with their moderators or support team. To find a site's contact page more quickly, it can help to google: [website name]  "contact us"
Please note that sites are not required to provide contact information and in cases where the site doesn’t provide contact information, Disqus won’t be able to put you in contact with that site’s moderator.

Reasons a comment may be awaiting pre-moderation

Websites using Disqus have the ability to pre-moderate comments based on certain criteria. If a comment meets these criteria, it may be queued for moderator review before being published publicly on the website. Reasons a comment may be pre-moderated include, but are not limited to:

  • Contains a link
  • Contains a media attachment, e.g., image or video
  • User has not verified their email
If your comment is awaiting pre-moderation, it will appear as pending in your Me Feed.

Disqus doesn't moderate

We take no part in moderation decisions (e.g., approving comments, deleting comments, or handling disputes among commenters) nor can we offer an explanation as to why a comment or a user account has been moderated. These decisions are made by websites using the Disqus service (the "site moderators").

Commenting experiences can differ greatly depending on the individual site's moderation practices/policies. Policies and settings can vary widely between Disqus-enabled sites.

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