How do I close comment threads?

Closing a comment thread is used to halt the discussion while allowing the current comments to remain visible. Closing comments can be done several ways:

Automatic closing

For your entire site you can specify how long you want comments to remain open after the thread has been created. You can find this option in your Disqus admin's Settings > General page under Automatic Closing.

Note: You can override this length for individual posts by going to the page directly and clicking the Settings gear to change the option.

Manually closing from the thread

While viewing the post, click the Settings gear and select Close Thread.

This method can also be used to re-open closed threads.

Manually closing from the Discussions tab

Manually closing from the admin

To close a thread in the Disqus admin:

  1. Locate a comment that belongs to the thread.
  2. Expand the comment.
  3. Click the Discussion menu.
  4. Choose Close Discussion.

Close Thread button in Moderate panel

Using the WordPress plugin?

Disqus will respect the Wordpress settings with regards to disallowing commenting. If you're using Wordpress, you can remove Disqus on a per-post basis by disabling comments for each post in WordPress itself, or setting an Automatic closing timer in your Wordpress discussion settings. See WordPress' Enable and Disable Comments guide for steps.

Disable the Allow comments checkbox in WordPress

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