User Reputation

User reputation enables you to make smarter decisions while moderating your community. Use it to help whitelist your regulars, welcome your newbies, encourage your lurkers, and investigate the troublemakers.

How do I activate user reputation?

No activation is necessary. Reputation is available by default at your Disqus admin > Moderate page.

Is reputation unique to my site?

Reputation is platform-wide across the entire Disqus network. A user's reputation is the same across all Disqus-powered sites.

Is reputation public?

Reputation cannot be customized and is only visible in the moderation interface of a Disqus admin; it is not publicly visible.

What does it look like?

There are three reputation tiers:

  • High: These are active and up-voted users.
  • Average: This is where everyone starts.
  • Low: These users likely have many flagged and/or deleted comments.

Screenshot of user reputation label in Disqus moderation interface

You can also see how long your users have been around and how active they are:

Screenshot of user history in Disqus moderation interface

API usage

Reputation is available via a number of posts and users API endpoints.

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