Commenter Quick Start Guide

Register with Disqus

Creating a Disqus account allows for more control over your settings and profile information, and keeps all your comments collected in one place. New users can create an account on our commenter registration page.

Verify Your Account

This is an important step because it confirms your identity, and prevents your email address from being registered by another user. Plus, many sites require a verified email address to comment, to help prevent spamming. You can verify your email through your profile settings or on our verification page.

Customize Your Profile

Once you’ve registered an account, you can customize your profile by uploading an avatar, adding biography information, entering a link to your site, or setting a display name. You can manage all of this through your profile settings page

You're all set! Now that you've registered an account, and customized your profile, you're ready to take advantage of the robust Disqus network. Have specific questions about how best to use our commenting features? See our Commenting F.A.Q. guide for tips. 

Contact us Community Q&A

We welcome all questions, feedback and bug reports. If you're having an issue, we usually need the following information:

  • A brief description of the issue
  • Link to any page where you saw the issue
  • Screenshots that illustrate the problem - How do I take a screenshot?