In your site settings there are a few options available to provide your site identity. These include:

  • Website name
     Simply the name of your site. This will show up in Disqus feeds, Email notifications, and your Community tab.
  • Website URL
     The starting URL of your site. Note that this is for display purposes and your site won't be bound to only this domain.
  • Category
     Your site's general category. Choose "Other" if none of the choices are relevant.
  • Description
     Usually one or two engaging sentences about your site to draw people in.
  • Language
     The default language to be displayed in the Disqus embed. This can be overridden with the javascript language override.

Note: your forum shortname cannot be changed. The shortname is not user-facing and does not need to be updated if your Website name changes

Other identity information

In addition to the above, we also pull in images and content from the articles. It's best practice to include proper Open Graph tags on your pages in order to represent your content the way you'd like to.

Favicons are automatically pulled in from the URL provided in the site identity settings, so make sure an accessible address is provided in order for us to receive it.

Where is this information shown?

This information will be aggregated throughout several places:

  • My Disqus feeds
  • Email notifications and digests
  • Title of your Community Tab

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