Adding Disqus to your site

Getting started

Disqus has many integrations available which make installation easy. The most popular integrations also come with built-in importing and syncing tools so you can bring in your old comments as well. Before installing, make sure you've registered a Disqus shortname, and this will be used to reference all of your comments and settings.



WordPress plugin installation

Manually install Disqus on WordPress

Setting up SSO on WordPress

Importing and syncing

You can export your old comments from WordPress and import them into Disqus, or sync comments made in Disqus back to WordPress

Importing comments from WordPress

Syncing with WordPress


Troubleshooting WordPress

WordPress forums

The WordPress community is a great place for answers for things Disqus is unable to assist with.

More topics

Can Disqus be used on



Blogger widget installation

Manually install on Blogger

Add Disqus to Static Pages in Blogger

Updating Blogger templates to support Internet Explorer

Loading Disqus on mobile templates

Importing and syncing

We're currently unable to support import and syncing functionality for Blogger. We recognize that syncing and import functionality is an important feature for many Blogger blogs and we apologize for any pains this disruption in service may cause. We want publishers to have a great experience and hope to restore import and syncing services to Blogger in the future.

Learn more about exporting for backup purposes

Importing comments from Blogger to Disqus

Syncing with Blogger


Blogger troubleshooting

Blogger product forums

Great help from other Blogger users.



Tumblr theme-supported installations

If the theme author included Disqus integration, this is how you'd enable it.

Tumblr manual installation

Not every theme includes Disqus or integrated it correctly. This is a guide on manual installation.


Tumblr Troubleshooting



Typepad installation instructions


Importing Typepad comments

Movable Type


MovableType plugin integration



Drupal plugin integration

More integrations

Joomla, Squarespace, and other managed integrations

Integrations that are managed for their platforms as plugins or widgets.

All available integrations

Developer integrations

How to customize your Disqus integration on the web, add to mobile apps and more.

Developer integration guide

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