Getting Started With Disqus

Here are some tips on how to set up Disqus and start growing your community.

Default commenter avatars

Add a default site avatar for commenters who don’t have one yet. This is a nice way to make readers feel like a part of the community.

Custom moderator badge

Moderators on your site have a special badge next to their comments verifying who they are. By default this reads "Mod" but you can easily customize this.

Default sort order

If a commenter hasn't chosen a preferred sort order, the default you set is used instead. The default option of "Best" is recommended for most sites.

Color scheme and typeface

Disqus automatically checks your site's font and background color and adapts to either a light or dark color scheme, along with a serif or sans-serif font. If these are detected incorrectly, you can override them here.

More configuration topics

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  1. Listening to your community
  2. Turn comments into content
  3. Host events
  4. Promote comments outside your website
  5. Recognize top commenters to retain them
  6. Lower the barrier to commenting

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