How to download, edit, and upload a URL Map CSV

If you're using the URL Mapper Tool, you'll need to download the CSV (Comma-Separated Value) file from Disqus, edit it on your computer, and upload it back on Disqus. Here's how:

1. Download the CSV file from Disqus

Go your forum's admin panel > Discussions > Tools and click the Start URL Mapper button. Download the CSV file containing a list of thread URLs which currently belong to your forum by clicking the download link.

CSV Download Link

2. Edit the file

The CSV will be downloaded as a compressed gzip (extension .gz) which you will need to first uncompress. If you're not sure how to uncompress the file, see this guide for both Mac and Windows.

Open the CSV file using a spreadsheet or text editor. You can use the following software to edit a CSV file:

See the URL Mapper Tool documentation for detailed instructions on how to properly add URLs to your CSV file.

3. Upload the edited file to Disqus

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