Featured Comment FAQ

Featured comments are a way to highlight pieces of the conversation. If you have specific feedback about this feature, please let us know.

What comments can I feature?

You can feature any comment within the discussion, even if it’s a reply to someone else. When you feature a comment, it will be displayed prominently at the top of the thread.

How do I feature a comment?

The controls for featuring a comment are located in the comment dropdown; this is the same dropdown that you use to moderate comments from within the thread.

How do I stop featuring a comment?

When you’re ready to take your featured comment down, you can stop featuring it by using the same dropdown menu. You can also stop featuring a comment from within the comments section. Locate the comment that is featured, hover over it and use the moderator drop down tools to select ‘stop featuring.”

Can I feature more than one comment?

No. Only one comment can be featured at a time.

Will the featured comment also show up in the regular comments section?

Yes, the featured comment is a highlight of the original comment. When you scroll down into the comments section, you will see the original comment, and any replies to it.

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