Community Guidelines

There are 2 types of rules for Disqus communities 

  • Disqus: Terms of Service (TOS) & Basic Rules
  • Channel: Community Guidelines
The Terms of Service & Basic Rules apply to all users and communities on Disqus and that we enforce. Some communities may have established a separate set of community guidelines to complement these rules for their members.

Terms of Service

​​​​Our TOS apply to every person that uses the Disqus product, on any site. They cover a lot technical and/or legal situations. If you're being really bad and all else fails, we invoke these.

​Basic Rules

The Basic Rules also apply to anyone using Disqus, but cover more community-focused behaviors. These are not allowed across all communities on Disqus.
  • Targeted harassment or encouraging others to do so
  • Spam
  • Impersonation
  • Direct threat of harm
  • Personally identifiable information posted without consent
  • Inappropriate profile content

​Channel-specific Community Guidelines

Some channels may have established a set of community guidelines that outline things regarding proper etiquette, rules for posting, and more. It's like when you visit a friend's house, and they ask you to remove your shoes before coming inside. One place you can find them in a channel is under the channel's description in the sidebar:

If you're not sure where to find them, be sure to contact the channel's moderators.

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