How to Recruit Moderators to Your Channel

1. Start a discussion in your channel

There's no easier way to recruit interested moderators than to tap directly into the community with a new discussion. 

In the discussion, it's important to note a couple things:

Who are you looking for? Things to consider: availability to moderate, familiarity with the community, interest in the channel's topic, qualifications to moderate effectively. 

What specific responsibilities would I have as a moderator in this channel? Set the expectations for what the role would entail by describing basic tasks including cleaning up spam, closing off-topic discussions, or starting discussions. 

When you’ve identified someone you’d like to add as a moderator, visit the Moderators tab in your channel’s left sidebar and add them using their @username.

2. Post a discussion on Channel Chat

Channel Chat is a community for channel owners to collaborate on growing communities. In other words, this channel was built for your success!

Here’s a basic template for how to start this discussion:
Headline: Recruit a Mod: Join [Channel Name]!

Body: What is your channel about? Who is it for? How can users apply to be a mod to your channel


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