How do I contact a channel's moderators?

It's not currently possible to privately message/contact the moderators of a channel.

If you have a moderation question related to recent comment or discussion, check to see if there's an established process for contacting a moderator in the channel. On some channels, you may find a "Community Guidelines" link under the channel's description that contains information about the channel and possibly a way to contact the moderators with any questions.

You can also find a listing of the active moderators of a channel via the right sidebar in the "Mods" tab.

If you're a moderator of a channel, you can provide members in the community with a way to contact the moderators. Here's how:
  • Create community guidelines for your channel and post it in a new discussion
  • Add a link to the discussion under your channel's description. Contact us at Channel Help to complete this step.
  • If users have a moderation question, redirect them to this discussion. Have all of the moderators subscribe to email notifications for new comments in the thread so that they can respond promptly.
In addition, you could also create a dedicated email address or contact form using a service such as Wufoo or Google Forms for channel moderation questions and share it with your community. Replying to a moderator's recent comment works but you may find that they can detract from the current discussion. 

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