Creating Channel Logos

When you create a channel and enter the channel name, that name appears as a text logo on the top left of the page: 

After that, you can create a custom banner for your channel. But you may notice that your text there doesn't go away and may even interfere with your banner design. 

While there is no way to update your channel's logo on your own, we can do it for you if you design it and send it to us! 

Important things to note about designing channel logos:
  • The dimensions MUST be 400x200px. Anything taller or wider would be scaled down and appear smaller than you would like. 
  • Logo images should have transparent backgrounds so that they don't clash or interfere with your designed banner. 
Once you get your fresh new logos drawn up, send them to us at our support form and we can get them uploaded for you super quick. 

Here are examples of some of our favorite logos:


Marvel Mania:

Anime for the People

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