How Reveal Works

What’s Reveal and how does it relate to Disqus?

Reveal is an integral part of the Disqus audience development platform. It's designed to make earning money from your content with native advertising as easy as possible—regardless of the size of your audience.

We created Reveal to help with the persistent problems independent and niche publishers face on the open web. Many of the publishers who use Disqus Engage for commenting and moderation on their sites also have limited native advertising opportunities that are adaptable to their audiences. 

What is the Disqus audience development platform?

The Disqus audience development platform is a suite of products that focus on attracting, engaging, retaining, and earning revenue from audiences for digital publishers, content bloggers, and businesses. The two core components are Engage, our commenting software, and Reveal, our native advertising solution.

How do I enable Reveal? 

After signing up for Engage, sites will be contacted to enable Reveal based on eligibility criteria.

How does Reveal work?

As a core component of Disqus, Reveal simplifies the native advertising process, so publishers don’t have to manage relationships with multiple native ad providers or deal with multiple configurations and website code. Instead, publishers can rely on Disqus to not only help build and grow audiences through Engage, but also take care of finding the right native content advertising without adding any additional code or complicated configurations.  

Why should I use Reveal?

Reveal helps publishers make money from their audiences with native ads by bundling a diverse mix of ad partners that they may not otherwise be able to access under one roof. Reveal also gives publishers access to non-native ad types ad types, including mobile display and video to maximize the earning potential of a publisher’s site. The result is an extensive, easy-to-use advertising network that helps independent publishers grow their business.

Is the Disqus audience development platform free to use? 

Yes, the Disqus platform is free when used in its entirety. In addition to Engage (comments, community, engagement), Disqus publishers also earn money through Reveal, our native advertising system. This is also how Disqus (the company) makes money, so using Reveal is what keeps Disqus free to use for publishers. 

What is the revenue share for publishers?

For standard independent publishers, we share about half of the revenue generated from Reveal every 90 days. Some publishers may qualify for special agreements and terms when they enter into a contract with Disqus. We typically do this for publishers who have significantly large audiences or special needs.

Do publishers have to use Reveal?

Since Reveal is a core piece of the Disqus audience development platform, most publishers who use Engage will see Reveal activated within 30 days of signing up. There are some exceptions however where publishers are able to deactivate Reveal:

  • If the website is using Engage non-commercially (e.g. personal blog or non-profit)
    • Or, if the website has a sales or partner conflict.

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