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NOTE: The email address is no longer supported. Any Channels related support emails should be directed to this page.
​Welcome to your one-stop shop for anything a channel creator, moderator, or commenter might need!
Across Disqus Home, we see and receive a lot of questions about how certain things work, how to gain access to the necessary tools to customize, moderate, and grow your channels. Many of these methods of support have been passed by word of mouth, but there hasn't been a central place for users to receive clear and visible information until now. 

First and foremost, if you have just created a new channel, be sure to check out Channels 101. Many beginner questions are answered there. 

We want all channel creators to have an opportunity to cultivate their own unique and lively communities, so here are the things that Disqus can provide support for.

​Setting up Community Guidelines

Some channel creators choose to supplement our Basic Rules with their own set of Community Guidelines  

  • If you want to have community guidelines for your channel, all you have to do is create a discussion there and send a link to us using the CREATE A REQUEST link below.
  • Check out an example from Select Start

Channel Designs

  • Logos
    New channels have a barebones look of just a plain, solid banner, and a text logo with the channel's name. Too boring for you? Read up on our help article on how to create channel logos and then email when you're ready. 

    NOTE: Logo dimensions must be 400x200px, and they must be .png files with transparent backgrounds.

  • Tiles
    When you click on the Discuss button at the top of any page on Disqus, it takes you to a popup to select a channel you wish to start on discussion on. Here's where the tiles show up. If you want this customized, we can do that for you. Tiles should be 430x160px for them to fit properly. 

    If you want to create a tile or logo for your channel, send us the images (as well as a link to your channel) using the request link below. 



Transferring ownership of a channel

If you created a channel and no longer want to be the admin for it, head over to Adopt a Channel to put it up for adoption. 

If you find someone to adopt your channel or happen to come across an inactive channel and would like to request it from the owner, just submit a request using the link below, and we can make the changes possible. 

Custom Mod Badges

Another thing you can customize, with our help, is creating a custom tag for moderators. Most moderators have a tag by their display name that says "Mod". 

But you can also have it say whatever you want. 

Reporting a user/discussion/channel

While we do like to harbor an environment of diverse opinions and communities, we do have a set of rules that all users and communities are expected to abide by, our Basic Rules. If you find that a user, discussion, or channel is in violation of either of these rules and needs to be reported, check out our documentation on how to report abuse.

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