Get started with Disqus Beta WordPress plugin

After installing the Disqus WordPress Beta plugin, you can navigate to the “Disqus” page, found in your WordPress admin sidebar panel.

  1. Enter your shortname into the shortname field
[Optional: to enable syncing and/or SSO]
  1. Create an application (or use an existing application you own) and make note of the following which you will need to copy and paste:
    • secret key
    • public key
    • access token
  2. Change your application "Default Access:" dropdown setting to "Read, write, and manage forums" so that your application can create syncing webhooks for your forum
  3. Paste the keys and token from the step above into the correct fields in your WordPress plugin settings

In future versions of the Beta plugin, we will be providing an automatic installation method which will allow complete everything with one visit to a special page.

If you have any questions or feedback about the Beta plugin please contact support and be sure to include your Diagnostic Information found in the Support section.

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