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What is a forum?

A forum is your website community on the Disqus network. When you register your website on Disqus, you are creating a forum with a unique shortname. Your shortname is different than your username.

Every website using Disqus has a unique forum which is moderated by their respective administrators. A forum consists of the comments and comment threads posted by other users. Users, a.k.a. community profiles, are not unique to forums since people can belong to any number of communities on Disqus.

Can't access the moderation panel?

This is happening because the account you're logged into is not listed as a moderator/admin for the forum installed on your site. You or your company may have multiple accounts, or the forum's primary account may belong to another person.

  • Check any of your other email addresses to verify you don't have another Disqus account.
  • If it's a multi-user site, check with the others who have access to the forum to add you as a moderator.
  • Register a forum if you haven't yet and update your site with your new shortname.

How do I check which forum is installed on my site?

In most cases it's part of the Disqus code on your site. Example: dsq.src = '';


Your shortname is in your Appearance settings under 'Disqus shortname', if the theme came with the Disqus code installed.


Under the Disqus plugin's Advanced Options, the Disqus shortname is listed near the top.


Go to Design > Edit HTML. Check 'Expand Widget Templates' (right above the HTML code box) and find this line: var disqus_shortname = 'my-shortname';

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