Flagging comments

Flagging a comment tells a site moderator that a comment requires moderator attention. On most sites you can flag a comment by clicking its flag icon or link.

Flagging a comment is only counted once per person; you won't need to do it multiple times.

Flag comments

Proper Flagging Guidelines

Every site has a different commenting policy, be sure to review it before flagging comments.

Generally, comments should be flagged for:

  • Spamming
  • Violating a site's commenting policy
  • Being clearly unrelated
  • Attacking other commenters personally

Generally, comments should not be flagged for:

  • Disagreeing with the content
  • Disputing with other commenters

Report Spam to Disqus

We also appreciate reports of any spam comments you find. After flagging a comment for the moderator, feel free to click on their profile and flag the user.

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