Switching to the New Disqus

A sudden change from Classic to the new Disqus can be surprising to your community, so we'd suggest announcing this change to them in advance in a blog post or email notification.

What does it look like?


How does sorting work?

The default sort order for a forum can be adjusted within a forum's settings, though it's initially set to "Best". Commenters have the choice to select their own preference for sort order by clicking the Discussion tab drop-down menu. To ensure your sort preference is remembered in the future, make sure that browser cookies are enabled

  • Best - Comments with the most votes trending over time.
  • Newest - Most recent comments first.
  • Oldest - Oldest comments first.


Likes are out, Votes are in!

Voting actively will increase the engagement with your fellow commenters without adding a comment. This will help create an incentive to post content which you approve of.


More information on voting.

Notifications display within MyDisqus.

notifications in the embed

When another user replies to one of your comments, you will see a notification in your "My Disqus" tab. To view the notification, click the Notifications tab. You will see a feed of all recent replies — new replies are indicated by a yellow bar to the left of a user's avatar.

More information on managing notifications.

Users can still login through the postbox.

logging in

Disqus offers several social login options (Google, Twitter, and Facebook), which allow users to authenticate and comment. While logging in with a social account allows users to edit their previous comments, they are not the same as registered accounts.

If you'd like to use a social account to log into your registered Disqus account, it will first need to be linked to your Disqus account.

More information on logging in.

Sharing, Flagging, and Starring.

logging in

Any comment or thread can be shared to your Twitter or Facebook feed by hovering over, or clicking, the Share menu below any comment to reveal sharing options. This requires either connecting the respective service(s) to your Disqus account or signing in using the respective service(s).

logging in

Flagging comments is a way of communicating to the moderator that a comment is inappropriate. For more information see our guide on Flagging comments.

logging in

There is a star button at the top of each Disqus conversation. Starring is a way to let the publisher and other readers know you like the conversation taking place. 

If you’ve starred a conversation, we’ll update you with the best comments from that discussion in your Disqus Digest.