Internal Discovery

Internal Discovery is a recommendation engine that will drive traffic to pages within the same site. It's unique in that it recommends links based on the commenting content itself, and aims to surface relevant discussions to the one you've been participating in. Internal Discovery Screenshot

Enabling Discovery

To start showing recommended links within your site when ads are disabled, go to your Disqus Admin, click Settings > General and then check "Discovery". Enabling Same-site Discovery


How does it recommend links?

We will look for recent discussions within the same site and show ones with the most relevant comments to the page the user is currently on. If none were found, we default to the site's trending discussions. Note that it will only show discussions using the same Admin URL (shortname).

How can I change a post's title appearing in Internal Discovery?

Thread titles are set automatically using the title assigned to the page where the thread was created. If it's incorrect, it can be updated from the Discussions page within your forum's admin.

Why are there no recommendations showing?

Because the recommendations are based on comment content, and not article content, the discussion must have had at least one comment on it recently. It works best for sites with some consistent commenting activity.

How do I block certain links?

Closing comments for a certain thread is the fastest way to prevent it from appearing within Discovery. However, if you have recommendations showing that should not be accessible to the public, consider branching that inaccessible site off onto its own Admin URL (shortname). See our Best practices for staging, development and preview sites guide.

Do I have to show ads to use Discovery?

No. Ads do show up in the same area when enabled, but you can show Internal Discovery without any ads.

For more information about Ads on Disqus, please visit: Introducing Promoted Discovery and F.A.Q.
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