How to Get Help and Send Feedback

Below you'll find some helpful steps to access our available support resources. If you are a publisher or moderator of a Disqus forum, please log in here with that account.

Step 1.

Tip: try a few different searches to find the best results.

Step 2.

  • Didn't find what you were looking for after a few searches? Post a new discussion in Discuss Disqus keeping the tip below in mind.
Tip: make sure to provide the important details when asking for help.


  • a complete description of the issue
  • a link to the page with the issue
  • a screenshot of the issue
  • a direct comment link (if your issue is related to a specific comment or account)


If you would like to share general feedback with us, you can contact us here. Due to the volume of feedback we receive, we're unable to respond individually to everyone. However, we will document your feedback and use it to improve Disqus.

Experiencing other Issues and Can't Access Account

If you can't access a Disqus account and you still need help with one of the following issues, further instructions can be found in the corresponding links below:

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