Commenting F.A.Q.

Flagging options

Flagging comments is a way of communicating to the moderator that a comment is inappropriate. For more information see our guide on Flagging comments.

What are "votes"?

Up-votes are public acknowledgements of approval for your comment. Your total number of received up-votes is tallied in your profile. Read more in the following document: Votes.

How do I know when someone has replied to my comment?

By default you will receive an email notification each time. For more information on how to manage notifications, see Managing Notifications.

Notifications are also available in the My Disqus tab in any Disqus comments area.

Sharing your comments on Facebook and Twitter

Any comment can be shared to your Twitter or Facebook feed by hovering over, or clicking, the Share menu below any comment to reveal sharing options. This requires either connecting the respective service(s) to your Disqus account or signing in using the respective service(s).

Screenshot of sharing menu below a comment

Can I use HTML in my comment?

Most basic HTML tags are allowed in comments. For a full list, see What HTML tags are allowed within comments?

How do I add image/video attachments to comments?

If the site has enabled media attachments, all you need to do is paste the link to the image or video (e.g. a YouTube link). A media attachment formatting is created after posting the comment, which includes a thumbnail and title.

Comment permalinks can be obtained by clicking the timestamp of the comment on a page or within the moderation panel. The "link" icon in the share options beneath a comment will also generate the permalink. Permalinks contain the thread's URL with the comment's ID attached at the end.

Sharing permalink to comment

When using a permalink, comments below the paging threshold will display as the first comment of the thread. To view the comment in it's original context, you'll need to locate it while paging through the remaining comments within the thread.

Append #disqus_thread to any URL on which a Disqus thread is loaded to permalink directly to a page's discussion, for example:

How long can my comment be?

Comments must be less than 25,000 characters long.

Managing your Account

Can I make my comments private?

Comments cannot be made private, although you may anonymize any sensitive comments by deleting them from your profile. Read more about Removing and Editing your Comments.

How do I claim comments made before creating my account?

If you've made any comments without a Disqus account, you can easily add them to your account after you've signed up. For more information, read about Merging Profiles/Claiming Comments.

How do I update my Facebook/Twitter information?

Your Twitter and Facebook information (name, avatar, etc.) is only pulled once, the first time it was accessed. To update the information later, these third-party profiles have to be connected to a Disqus account. Read more about Merging Profiles/Claiming Comments and Connections and Sharing Options


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