Deleting your account

Important: We completely remove all of your data when you delete your account. While we do retain your comments for context purposes, your comments are completely anonymized to remove all traces of your personal information. Deleting your account also removes all Disqus sites you own and their respective comments.

Deleting a registered Disqus account

Edit profile drop down menu
  1. At in the upper-right, click your avatar and then click Settings.

  2. Under the Account tab, click the Deactivate Account button.
Delete account button in profile settings

If you are having trouble deleting an account that belongs to you, you can contact us here.

Deleting guest comment information

  1. Unsubscribe from emails by replying to any notification with the word "unsubscribe" in response. See more ways here.
  2. Contact the site administrator. The website moderators are the only ones with the power to delete comments. They will be able to delete your comments for you, if desired.

Site-specific profiles

Some sites have their own login systems which integrate with Disqus. You'll know these profiles because they can only be logged into/used to comment on that particular site. Because these profiles aren't managed by Disqus, you will only be able to delete them through the site the profile belongs to.

More information on site-specific profiles is available here: Site-Specific Profiles

Ask the Community

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