Syncing with WordPress

Syncing may be enabled between WordPress and Disqus, which will copy comments created within Disqus to the WordPress native comment system, so that they appear in both locations. As Disqus loads over the native comments system, this will not change what appears on your page when Disqus loads. However, the comments synced from Disqus back to the native WP comment system will appear if Disqus is not installed, and will appear in the source code of the page they were posted to

Which comments will be synced?

When using the Disqus plugin, syncing will be enabled by default. A pageview in Disqus will trigger all of the comments from that thread to be synced with WordPress, so if the plugin is installed on an active site, it is expected that all new comments will be synced due to frequent page views on newer pages, as well as threads from older pages that are still receiving pageview traffic. Older pages will not have their comments synced until they have been viewed.

To sync all past Disqus comments, including those which may not be triggered automatically, simply navigate to the bottom of the plugin and click the Sync Comments button, as shown here:


  • Solution 1

    You may need to add this code to the wp-config.php in Wordpress that causes it to jumpstart its Cron service again using the following: // Alternate cron method define( 'ALTERNATE_WP_CRON', true );

  • Solution 2

    If the "dsq_sync_forum" cron still isn't running as a once off, we'd recommend installing WP-Crontrol (visit plugin site) which allows you to not only see your current cron's but modify them. You can then force "dsq_sync_forum" to occur every 10 minutes.

  • Solution 3

    Make sure you're using the most recent Disqus for WordPress plugin.

  • Solution 4

    Disqus settings may have gotten corrupted and need to be reset. To do this:

    1. Under Advanced Options in the Disqus plugin, click Uninstall to reset Disqus' settings -- your comments won't be affected or removed.
    2. Follow the instructions to fully reset Disqus's current settings.
    3. Re-configure the Disqus plugin.
  • Solution 5

    This may be a conflict with your current theme or a plugin. To determine this:

    1. Temporarily revert to the default WordPress theme.
    2. Under Advanced Options in the Disqus plugin, click Sync Comments. If the issue persists, proceed to step 3.
    3. Temporarily disable all plugins (except Disqus).
    4. Click Sync Comments.
  • Solution 6

    A setting on your installation may be causing automatic sync to not complete properly. To bypass this:

    1. Temporarily revert to the default WordPress theme.
    2. Temporarily disable all plugins (except Disqus).
    3. Sync manually by running /scripts/import-comments.php found in the Disqus plugin folder.
  • Solution 7

    The Disqus data in your WordPress database may have become corrupted. To fix this:

    1. Under Advanced Options in the Disqus plugin, enable the "Remove all imported Disqus comments before syncing" checkbox.
    2. Click Sync Comments.
  • Solution 8

    Install the Disqus for WordPress 3.0 beta plugin that uses a more reliable webhook push instead of wp-cron.

    To get started:

    1. Download the zip file of the latest build
    2. Upload the zip file to WordPress
    3. De-activate the existing Disqus plugin
    4. Activate the beta Disqus plugin
  • Syncing still not working properly?

    Contact us with the following info:

    • Description of what specifically isn't working properly
    • Debug info found under Advanced Options in the Disqus plugin
    • What you found in solutions 1-5 above
    • Text dump of the results outputted from solution 4
    • Dumps of your wp_posts ,wp_postmeta, wp_comments, and wp_commentmeta SQL tables
    • (If duplication is occurring) Text of a duplicated comment

Exporting Issues

Alternatively, if you're having issues with copying comments from WordPress to Disqus, see Exporting comments from WordPress to Disqus.

Other Issues

Comments synced to wordpress have the wrong status

Syncing from Disqus to WordPress happens automatically by default. This means that comments are often synced back to Wordpress before moderators have a chance to delete comments or mark them as spam.

To make sure that comments have the most-up-to-date status, we'd recommend using the manual sync option within the settings of the Disqus WP plugin. You'll want to overwrite the previously synced comments in order to make sure the correct comments are synced.

To prevent comments from being synced automatically in the future, you can disable this feature within the Plugin settings of the Disqus WP plugin.

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