**Access to Single Sign-On (SSO) is currently available as an add-on for users with a Business level subscription. If you would like to subscribe, you can request information from one of our account managers here.

Getting started

What is single sign-on?

Single sign-on (SSO) is a protocol for authenticating an existing user to comment without registering for a global Disqus account. This assumes that you have an proprietary database of users already established.

What's SSO good for?

SSO is valuable for keeping existing users - It allows users in your own database to comment without forcing them to register with Disqus.

Can I use SSO on multiple sites?

Yes, but it is only possible to create one remote domain per user account, and we recommend using a single remote domain per site. If you require an additional remote domain, please create an additional user account for which we can enable SSO.

Single sign-on docs

Integrating single sign-on

Technical implementation details for SSO

Code samples

A collection of code examples in PHP, Ruby, C#, Java, Scala, Python, Coldfusion and Node/Meteor

SSO on Wordpress

SSO instructions when using the Disqus Wordpress plugin

SSO debug checklist

How to effectively troubleshoot SSO issues

API Authentication via SSO

How to post to Disqus using SSO for authentication

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