What can channel owners do that regular users can’t?

  • Moderate comments: delete or mark comments as spam, ban users
  • Discussions: edit, close and remove discussions
  • Invite: invites to new discussions are sent to the 100 most active people in the community
  • Add new mods: channel owners can add other users as mods

Channel Settings Note: it's not currently possible to edit your Channel Settings, but this ability is coming soon.

  • Name: the title of your channel 100 character max
  • Description: a short description of your channel 200 character max
  • Banner color/image: choose a from a set of default colors, or upload your own image
  • Channel Avatar: choose from a set of default avatars, or upload your own. This image will show as the avatar for any user that doesn't have a custom profile image

 What can’t moderators do?
 Moderators are unable to:

  • Access the settings for the channel (beyond visual customization)
  • Add words to the banned words filter
  • Edit comments
  • Access commenter’s email or ip addresses
  • Remove other channels, including their own


How can I find the channels I own?
You can find and manage your channels on the Channels page.
What is the proper name for a “channel”?
“Channel” should be used to describe the community you’ve created.
Are there any rules I must enforce on my channel, or can I do whatever I want?
The Disqus Terms of Service, Basic Rules, and Channel Rules apply to all channels
Can I be removed as a channel owner?
Yes. Mods are subject to the same rules as regular commenters, and if you are running your channel in way that violates or rules, or the rights of other users, you can be removed as a channel mod.
Why did some of the discussions on my channel close on their own?
Every channel is pre-configured to auto-close after 7 days. This is primarily to help with moderation of older threads and that most threads tend to drop off in activity after less than a week. You also have the option as a moderator to re-open threads that have been closed.

Ads on Home

Will I get revshare as a channel owner or moderator?

At this point there is not a revenue share for ads on Disqus Home since Home is operated by Disqus.

How do I disable ads on my channel?

We are working on this capability in the coming months but currently there are no controls for turnings ads off your channel.

Can I control the ad types and positions?

We are working on this capability in the coming months but currently there are no controls for turning ads off your channel.

Why are you running ads on my channel?

There is overhead to run and operate Disqus Home and ads are how we monetize our business at Disqus. We are running ads at small scale on your channels to help defray those costs.

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