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Using Channels

When in Disqus Home, you'll have two ways to access channels.

To browse channels and their content, you can click the Channels button at the top of the page:

This will produce a list of the available channels:

You can follow channels from this page for their new discussions to begin appearing in your Disqus Home feed, or you can click into each channel to explore its content.

If you want to create a new discussion, you can click the Discuss button in the top right corner of the Disqus Home page. After choosing the channel it should be posted to, this will link you directly to the discussion creation page so you can get started!

In addition to text, you can add images and video and it will be embedded automatically.


Topics are tags that categorize and group discussions. Add relevant topics to your discussion to help others find it, and to group related discussions.

For example, if you're posting about A Nightmare on Elm Street in the Movies channel, you might consider adding the following Topics:
- A Nightmare on Elm Street
- Freddy Krueger
- Wes Craven

- 80s Horror
- Robert Englund


Can I create a new channel?

No, at this time no new channels can be created. Instead, please create a new discussion within the channel that most closely matches what you wish to discuss. Single discussions can be kept open if you wish to carve out a section for a particular topic or chat.

How do I report a user or discussion?

While we want to harbor an environment of diverse opinions and communities, we do have a set of rules that all users and communities are expected to abide by, our Basic Rules. If you find that a user or discussion is in violation of any of these rules and needs to be reported, check out our documentation on how to report abuse.

For discussions about channels, general channels feature requests, or any issues with using channels, please visit Chit Chat Channel.

For any issues with the Disqus platform or your account, please visit Discuss Disqus.

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