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​There are many factors that go into creating content that generates great discussion –– maybe it’s a provoking photo, some well-timed commentary on current events, or a philosophical forray that makes your readers' head explode.

And we know that the last sound you want to hear after skillfully crafting your content and releasing it into the Universe is:


One way to spark the discussion about your content is to explicitly ask your visitors what they have to say. It’s a simple practice, and successful bloggers agree that it's important in showing your community that you care. We have seen first-hand how addressing your community directly in your content can help seed a quality discussions.

Here are some fine examples for inspiration:

You can blur the content-community lines even further by asking people to submit their own artwork/reaction-gifs/poetry in the comments! Check out how contemporary art blog calls upon the masses every week to showcase their photography skills.

​ ​Enough from us though, we absolutely want to hear what you have to say. :)

  • In what ways do you connect your content with your unique community?

  • For which type of content does this work best?

  • Share a link to an example on your site where you have tried this!

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