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What's a shortname?
What's a shortname?
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A shortname is the unique identifier assigned to a Disqus site. All the comments posted to a site are referenced with the shortname. The shortname tells Disqus to load only your site's comments, as well as the settings specified in your Disqus admin.

Do I need a shortname?

Yes. To manage comments in Disqus you will need to register your site and install Disqus on your site using the shortname registered.

Choosing a shortname

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a shortname:

  • Your shortname cannot be changed once it is registered. Be sure it's the one you want.

  • Your shortname will not appear publicly. However, your website name will show up in a number of places including (but not limited to): email notifications, the My Disqus tab, the Community tab, and the Discovery box.

Adjust your website name in forum Settings > General.

What are my shortnames?

You can access the list of your sites by first visting your Home Feed and selecting “Admin” from the user drop-down menu:

Then clicking the sandwich menu button on the top left of the Admin:

The shortname can be found in the address bar of your browser as or in your General Site Settings.

Using Disqus shortnames on different types of websites

After creating your shortname and registering your website, you now have to install Disqus and ensure that your site is using the correct shortname.
 For some popular content management systems, Disqus can be integrated using a simple plugin provided by the site.

Note: These instructions are for self-hosted sites. Disqus cannot be installed on sites. Learn more.

  • In the left panel of your Wordpress admin, select Plugins > Add New

  • Search for "Disqus" and find the plugin provided by "Disqus".

  • Select Install Now > Activate Plugin

  • Proceed with the onscreen install instructions provided.

  • Log into your Disqus account, then choose the forum shortname you would like to install.

  • Navigate to our Blogger install instructions. If you've registered a shortname, and you're logged in, there will be a button to add your shortname to your Blogger site.

  • Next, import any existing Blogger comments into Disqus at Tools > Import

  • Update your blogger template's meta tags for full Internet Explorer compatibility. See instructions here

  • Navigate to your Squarespace Settings > blogging page.

  • In the Disqus shortname field, enter your shortname.

All of these instructions, and more, can be found by clicking on the integration of your choice at our Install Page

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