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Basic Rules for Disqus
Basic Rules for Disqus
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Disqus doesn't moderate or manage the communities that use Disqus, but using Disqus to do any of the following things breaks our Terms of Service and appropriate action (which can include removing a comment or discussion, resetting a profile, or banning an account) will be taken to enforce them.

The following are not allowed anywhere on Disqus:

  • Targeted harassment or encouraging others to do so
    Hate speech and other forms of targeted and systematic harassment of people have no place on Disqus, nor do we tolerate communities dedicated to fostering harassing behavior.

  • Spam
    Examples include 1) comments posted in large quantities to promote a product or service, 2) the exact same comment posted repeatedly to disrupt a thread. 3) following users multiple times

  • Impersonation
    You may not impersonate others in a manner that does or is intended to mislead, confuse, or deceive others.

  • Direct threat of harm
    This covers active threats of harm directed towards a specific person or defined group of individuals. Contact local authorities if you feel a crime has been committed or is imminent.

  • Posting personally identifiable information
    Examples of protected information: credit card number, home/work address, phone number, email address, social security number. Real name isn't currently covered.

  • Inappropriate profile content
    Graphic media containing violence and pornographic content are not allowed. Profile content allowed by Disqus may not be allowed on all communities, so report such profiles to the site moderator.

To report a user for a Basic Rules violation, click the flag icon in their profile and complete a short report.

Learn more about how to report abuse to site moderators here.
For more information on how we enforce against abusive accounts that violate the Basic Rules, read our Abusive Behavior Policy.

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