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The migration tool is meant for simple domain changes, such as from to

Note: The Migration Tool is only designed to change the Domain (what appears between http:// and .com in a URL). To update slugs ( /blog/09/2014/exampletitle.html), you’ll want to use the URL Mapper tool instead.

Once the tool starts, it will automatically detect what domain your comments are linked to. If it detects the wrong one, you can change it to the domain you're trying to migrate from.


1. After selecting the Domain Migration Tool as your migration option, verify that the base domain which you'd like to migrate from is correct.

If the domain specified isn't that which you'd like to migrate from, enter the correct domain manually by clicking "Manually override this." Note: If your site contains a www. in the URL, include it without the http://, e.g.

2. Enter in the new domain that you'll be migrating your threads to.

3. Verify that the domains you're migrating from and to are correct and then confirm the migration.

Migrations can take up to 24 hours to complete, so it is best to check back every few hours.

Running the URL Mapper alongside the Domain Migration or Redirect Crawler

If you've run the Domain Migration Tool or Redirect Crawler and your threads have not migrated after 24 hours, it is possible that the threads are not set up to properly migrate with that tool. Try using the URL Mapper to input the exact thread URLs that must be changed. You can run the URL Mapper concurrently with the Domain Migration Tool or Redirect Crawler, as they will not conflict with one another.

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