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Why are the same comments showing up on multiple pages?
Why are the same comments showing up on multiple pages?
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When the same comment thread appears on multiple pages, this is normally due to multiple thread identifiers being assigned to the same thread whenever the thread was initially created.

Resolving identifier conflict

Identifier conflict can be resolved by verifying that a unique URL is being set and then assigning a unique identifier. This will create a new thread on pages which were previously displaying the same thread. Note that thread identifiers and URLs are set using our embed Javascript Variables.

You can also check if identifiers are being assigned to the same thread using our API console.


To prevent this from happening, you'll need to ensure that both the identifier and thread are unique when creating new threads.

Further explanation

The first time Disqus is loaded on a page, our system creates a new thread ID and associates that thread ID with the page. Unfortunately, if multiple pages are loaded from the same URL that means each page will be associated with the same thread ID.
 This is known as identifier conflict because, even though each page will have a unique Disqus identifier, the pages share the same thread ID. Identifier conflict causes each of these pages to show the same comments.

Example situations known to cause identifier conflict:

  • Setting the same or variable

  • Previewing pages before publishing: Disqus will associate that preview URL with the thread ID.

  • Copying pages: If Disqus is loaded on the newly copied page before changing the JavaScript configuration variables.

If you're experiencing identifier conflict on your site, you'll need to replace the disqus_identifiers on the pages where this is occurring with ones that are unique. We'd also recommend double-checking your publishing process since this commonly occurs when multiple identifiers are assigned to post preview URLs. For this reason, Disqus is disabled within the WordPress preview mode.

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