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User Blocking is a feature that allows you to deal with trolls, spammers, and other unwanted content on Disqus. Once you’ve blocked a user, their comments will be hidden from your view, and your comments will no longer be visible to that user. The blocked account will not receive a notification or indication that they have been blocked by you, and they will no longer be able to view any of your comment content.

How to Block a User

User blocking may be accessed either from the profile of the account you would like to block, or from the dropdown menu appearing on each of their comments.

  • On a user's profile, the blocking option may be accessed in the menu next to the Follow button for their profile:

  • In a comment thread, the blocking option may be produced by clicking the triangle dropdown menu in the top right corner of their comment:

The Impact of Blocking a User

Once a user has been blocked, all of their comments, discussions, and recommends will be hidden from you throughout your Home feed, Inbox notifications, and discussions on external websites. Any posts by the user will be collapsed with a message stating "User is blocked".

Additionally, the blocked user will no longer be able to view your comments. They’ll see ”Content unavailable” when viewing your posts or your profile.

Manage Your Block List

Any user that you block will be added to your block list which is located in Settings > Blocking. Use the Previous and Next buttons to change pages, and use the Unblock button to remove a specific user that you no longer want to block. The maximum number of users you can block is 1,000.

list of users you have previously blocked with blue unblock buttons


Q: If I block someone, will they be able to see my posts?
A: No, a blocked user will not be able to see your posts. If you block a user, this will hide all of your comments from that user’s view.

Q: If a moderator blocks someone, will they be able to see their comments in the moderation panel?
A: Blocking a user will not affect anything in the moderation panel. All comments will still be visible in the moderation panel, though blocks may change what content is visible in the embed.

Q: If I block someone, will I still see if they upvote me?
A: Your posts will be hidden from the blocked user, so you won't receive additional upvotes from that account.

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