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Registering a commenter account
Registering a commenter account
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Registering for a commenter account can be beneficial for several reasons. Some of which include tracking comments through a dashboard, managing account notifications, and following other user accounts.

Register for a commenter account using one of the following methods:

Through the embed:

After registering through the embed, you'll receive a confirmation email with a link. Click the link to confirm that an account for your email address wasn't created by mistake.

If you delete the confirmation email by accident, you can still log into your account using your email address after requesting a password recovery email.


The registration page says my username is already in use

Usernames must be unique and can only be registered by one commenter at a time. If you are seeing this message, it means your desired username is already taken, and you should try registering a different name.

Keep in mind that the same full name can be used by more than one account.

Note that usernames are only for login and moderation purposes, and you have the option to display a different name with your comments after you have finished registering. More information on the difference between usernames and display names is noted at the top of this article.

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