Users can log into Disqus via or through the Disqus button in the embed using your username or email address. If you're using a guest account or incorrect login credentials, you may have experienced one of the following:

Through the embed:

Through the Disqus website:

The e-mail address specified is already in use:

If you're seeing this error, you've probably already registered a full Disqus account.

Try clicking the "D" icon (Disqus login option) to the left and logging in using your email address and password.

"Invalid email, username or password"

First try using both your username and email and if you're still experiencing this error, you should request a password recovery email.

If your email isn't recognized, it indicates that you've only commented as a guest (includes Twitter, Facebook, and Google) or that you need to register a commenter account.

Other issues:

I didn't receive a password reset email

- Check your email's spam filter.

- Add * and * to your email's whitelist and request another password reset email.

Enabling Cookies

  • Cookies must be enabled in your browser settings to stay logged-in. For more information, see our Enabling Cookies documentation.

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