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Site Moderators
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Site Moderators are the people in charge of managing and maintaining the commenting community for a given website or blog. They are the first person to contact if you're having trouble with moderation or abuse on a given site.

The Site Moderator’s Role

Commenting communities vary greatly from site to site – certain language or behavior that is considered acceptable on one site can be considered harmful on another. Site Moderators can help keep their unique community on track by communicating to new or unruly users when they're out-of-line and moderating comments when needed.

As Disqus doesn't provide site moderation, nor do we know the ins and outs of each community, only the Site Moderator for a given site can provide reasons for moderation actions within that community.

Site Moderators are the decision makers for the following:

  • Deleting comments, approving Pending comments, approving comments marked as Spam

  • Handling disputes among commenters on the site

  • Blocking or unblocking an account from posting on the site

Contacting a Moderator

You can contact the site moderator through a Contact page, commenting policy, or community guidelines. Site moderators are not Disqus staff and should be contacted at the site in question, as opposed to through Disqus. Please note that sites are not required to provide contact information and, in cases where they don't, Disqus will not be able to put you in contact with that site's moderator.

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