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How do I change the ownership of a Site or Organization?
How do I change the ownership of a Site or Organization?
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IMPORTANT: If your current organization has a paid package associated with it, transferring the organization ownership may remove its package features like SSO and unlimited API. Please consider handing over the user account itself instead, explained in step #2 above.

Changing Admin Privileges

In many cases, you will not need to fully transfer the ownership. Instead, you can decide to choose the following options:

  1. If you do not need to relinquish full control over the organization or site, simply grant the user permissions by adding the user as an organization admin or a site moderator. You will remain the organization owner.

  2. If you do not need your Disqus user account any more, simply update the username, display name, and email address to match that of the new desired user. All of this can be done in the Edit Profile view while logged-in as the organization owner. The new user can then reset the password at

Full Ownership Transfer

Full Site and Organization ownership can only be transferred to a different user account by contacting Disqus. If you still want to transfer ownership of a site or organization, please contact us using the blue chat button below, while logged in as the site or organization owner and provide all of the following information:

  • registered Disqus username of the current owner

  • shortname(s) of the site(s) which you would like transferred

  • registered Disqus username of the desired new owner

  • registered email address of new desired owner

This request must be made by the current site or organization owner, so be sure to log in first. 

Lost access to owner account

If you're not the site or organization owner, kindly have him/her contact us using the blue chat button below. Please include information indicating that you currently have permissions for the website, i.e. admin email access, consent from the previous primary moderator, etc.

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