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Posting an SSO comment via the API
Posting an SSO comment via the API
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You can use the posts/create method to comment using the API, so that the experience can be customized for mobile applications or anywhere else the JavaScript embed is not ideal.

If you have SSO already up and running, you can use the remote_auth_s3 string you generate to authenticate the comment under that user.

Building the API call

  1. Go to the API console and pick “posts/create” from the dropdown.

  2. Choose the appropriate application (this is your API key) and make sure you’re using the Secret key.

  3. Change the method from GET to POST.

Add the following arguments:

  • thread : This is the thread ID number of the thread to which you want to post. (Not sure what the thread ID is? You can find it using the threads/details method.)

  • remote_auth : this is the remote_auth_s3 string that you generate using the SSO documentation

  • message : this is the content of the comment

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