There are 2 types of rules for Disqus communities

  • Disqus: Terms of Service (TOS) & Basic Rules
  • Channel: Community Guidelines

The Terms of Service & Basic Rules apply to all users and communities on Disqus and that we enforce. Some communities may have established a separate set of community guidelines to complement these rules for their members.

Terms of Service

Our TOS apply to every person that uses the Disqus product, on any site. They cover a lot technical and/or legal situations. If you're being really bad and all else fails, we invoke these.

​Basic Rules

The Basic Rules also apply to anyone using Disqus, but cover more community-focused behaviors. These are not allowed across all communities on Disqus.

  • Targeted harassment or encouraging others to do so
  • Spam
  • Impersonation
  • Direct threat of harm
  • Personally identifiable information posted without consent
  • Inappropriate profile content

​Channel-specific Community Guidelines

Some channels may have established a set of community guidelines that outline things regarding proper etiquette, rules for posting, and more. It's like when you visit a friend's house, and they ask you to remove your shoes before coming inside. One place you can find them in a channel is under the channel's description in the sidebar:

 If you're not sure where to find them, be sure to contact the channel's moderators.

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