Removing Discussions

Off-topic and self-promoting/spam discussions are two things you may want to delete from your channel.

We'd suggest these two simple steps to remedy such a situation:

  1. Close the thread
  2. Remove the discussion

​​​Spotting Self-Promotion

  1. If you strip out the think that's being shared, does it still make for a good discussion?
  2. Is the creator’s profile a name of a brand, business?

Removing Comments:

You should delete comments if they contain spam, violate your community guidelines, are simply nonsensical and don't contribute to your discussion.

Comments may be removed if they contain...

  • Personal insults
  • Racist remarks
  • Sexist remarks

Or if the comment is...

  • Upsetting users?
  • Attacking another user?
  • Flagged multiple times?

If the behavior continues and the user remains a disruption, feel free to ban them from your channel.

Handing Non-English Content

As it stands, Disqus only supports English. That being said, it would be safe to say that any non-English content on your channel probably doesn't belong. Feel free to remove it.

How to Judge Profanity

Curse words are up to your discretion as the channel owner. Many channel owners are ok with curse words, provided they aren't used to attack other users. A hostile environment is not one many people are likely to return to. Need some advice?

  • “This pie is fucking delicious!” - OK.
  • “You’re a fucking dumbass!” - NOT OK!!

When to Ban a User

Is the commenter a spammer?

  • Probably best to ban them.

Is the commenter disruptive or posting inflammatory comments?

  • Warn them once.
  • If the behavior persists, ban them.
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