Discussion Best Practices
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What Should I Talk About?

The most important thing is to be specific and include a question. This helps people better understand how to join the conversation.

What's the Best Discussion Length?

Discussions can be as short as a single question, or be a little longer to provide more context.

Should I use an Image?

In general, images are a good idea. They add visual interest, and help draw attention on social media. If you can find an image (or GIF!) that complements your discussion, you should use it!

How Do I Get People to Return?

  • Reply, reply, reply! Acknowledging a comment (by replying or upvoting, for example) lets people know there is someone out there.

  • Thank them for joining the discussion if they're a new face. Bonus: the later you reply, the more likely they are to return and post another comment.

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