How to Delete Discussions

Method #1: Delete from the main channel feed

Method #2: Delete from discussion page

How to Close Discussions

Simply choose Close Thread!

How to Remove Spam

There are two different types of spam: discussion spam and comment spam. Discussion spam can be removed by clicking "Mark discussion as spam" button either on the Channel page or on the Discussion page.

How to Ban a User

Method #1: Ban a user directly from a discussion thread

Select Ban User from comment's dropdown menu, THEN,

Select User and click Save.
Method #2: Ban a discussion creator from discussion page

Click Moderate button to reveal banning options. (This is a good option if the discussion creator has not yet posted a comment)
Method #3: Ban a user via the Moderation Panel

How to Remove Someone from the Ban List

If you wish to un-ban a user, click on the "Banned Users" button on the left side of your channel feed. This will take you to the list of banned users in the moderation panel. Then, simply click "REMOVE" on the user you wish to un-ban.

How to Remove Comment Spam

Method #1: Remove directly from thread

Select Mark as Spam from the comment dropdown menu.

How to Moderate by Email

Respond to any email with delete, approve, or spam to take action without visiting the thread or mod panel.

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