Download this file containing the default channel templates: HERE!

Not a design whiz?

There are a bevy of great photos and designs to source from that are free to use. Here are some examples:

I don't have photoshop though...

Don't fret! Even though the template files are PSDs, you can still create them easily through other means. I recommend using the free online design tool, Canva, to create the channel designs. You would need to create custom dimensions for the design assets and you should be set.

As a reference, here are the specific dimensions of each design template:

  • Banner background: 1600 x 220px
  • Channel Avatar: 200 x 200px

Images must be in JPG or PNG format. GIF or other animated filetypes aren't currently supported.Designs competed? Check!

You can upload your banner and avatar by clicking the Basics button on the left rail of your channel feed.

Need some inspiration?

We have a discussion here with some pretty neat user created banners!

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