**Unlimited API access is currently available as an add-on for users with a Pro level subscription. If you would like to subscribe to Pro, you can do so in your subscription settings at Admin > Settings > Subscription and Billing.

Getting started

The Disqus API provides a way to see many different points of data relating to comments on any site. It is designed as a supplemental data source, and as such won't provide an easy method for replacing the comments embed.

Once you've created a Disqus account, you can create an API application by following the guide here.

Available Public API Data

Standard objects and common data that comes with them

API data relationships

How all the API objects relate to each other throughout Disqus


Authentication in Disqus

How to authenticate a user for API requests using OAuth and/or single sign-on

Permissions and scopes

Requesting permissions from users you authenticate

OAuth examples

Examples and snippets using OAuth

Sending requests

Anatomy of a request

How to structure requests to the Disqus API

Pagination with cursors

Requesting different pages of data

Endpoint documentation

Documentation on every available endpoint

Error codes

All possible error responses that come from API requests

API tools, libraries and SDKs

API Console

Use the Disqus API console to test endpoints, parameters and application settings.

PHP bindings

The official Disqus API bindings for PHP

Python bindings

The official Disqus API bindings for Python

Third-party libraries

Temboo: Full API bindings for Disqus (and many other services). SDKs available for iOS, Android, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby and Node.js

Passport-disqus: Passport strategies for authenticating with Disqus using OAuth 2.0. This module lets you authenticate using Disqus in your Node.js applications.

iOS Disqus API by Moqod

This open-source library allows you to integrate Disqus into your iOS apps

Tutorials and Examples

Tutorial: Send custom email notifications for new comments

Whenever a new comment is posted, you may use the API to send a custom email notification to the article author.

Disqus API Recipes

A cookbook of common recipes to help expedite your development process when using the DISQUS API.

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