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Getting started

While Disqus has no official Typepad importer, we do support standard WordPress imports. This article details how to import your Typepad blog into WordPress so that you can then export it from WordPress and into Disqus.

Note that while this method should work, it isn't fully supported by Disqus and we can't help troubleshoot any unforeseen quirks.


Step 1.

Export your Typepad Blog

You'll first need to get a file containing all of your blog contents. See Typepad's documentation for importing and exporting.

Step 2.

Create a self-hosted WordPress site

The next step involves setting up a WordPress site that you'll use to import the blog content. Don't worry if you have access to a server to do this, you can always install Wordpress locally using these instructions.

Step 3.

Import your blog into WordPress

Now you need to get all that content (including comments) into WordPress. Importing from Typepad is the same as Movable Type, so you can use these instructions. Pay attention to the "Forcing WordPress to Use the Movable Type Permalink Structure" section to make sure your comments are imported with the right links.

Step 4.

Export from WordPress and import to Disqus

All that's left is to get an export file from WordPress in your Dashboard > Tools > Export. Depending on the size of your blog, you may need to export this in multiple files based on month/year. Then import to Disqus (see: Manual Import) using those file(s).

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