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Importing comments from JS-Kit
Importing comments from JS-Kit
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Echo comments on Blogger and WordPress

Users using Echo comments on WordPress or Blogger should be able to sync their comments back to either system. Afterwards, they can follow the corresponding import directions found on Disqus.

Note that this will require you to have an existing shortname registered. Additional information on registering a shortname with Disqus can be found in our Quick Start Guide.

Exporting your JS-Kit or Haloscan Comments

Use the following steps to export your comments from JS-Kit:

  1. Log in at

  2. Visit your Moderation page.

  3. Click the Sites I Manage link under General Settings.

This will give you a list of commenting domains you manage. From here use the Export Comments link to queue an export of the comments for the corresponding domain:

Afterwards you'll be presented with a link to download your comments into the JS-Kit XML format.

Note that the time it takes to export your comments will depend on the number of comments within the corresponding domain.

Importing into Disqus

Once your comments have been successfully exported from JS-Kit, you'll be able to import them into Disqus. Use the Disqus JS-Kit importer on the Disqus imports page.

Select the forum to which you'd like to upload your comments. Choose the XML file to upload. Designate JS-Kit (Echo) as the importer option to be used.

After importing you'll want to verify that your thread URLs are correct. If comments aren't successfully displaying on your website, you may still need to migrate your threads to the correct URL using our URL mapper.


These conditions are important, and if not met, can prevent your comments from being imported properly โ€” please note each requirement carefully.

  • Comments without an author's name aren't able to be imported.

  • Comments can't be imported as threaded conversations.

  • Guest comments without an assigned email can't be claimed by a registered Disqus account.

  • The permalinks of each comment within a comment thread must match.

  • Media attachments are not currently able to be imported. We'd suggest saving these separately.

  • Thread titles must be set correctly within the XML export before being imported. If not then they may appear as the thread's URL in your moderation panel.

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