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Log into Disqus with a Social Media Account
Log into Disqus with a Social Media Account
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Our login process ensures that all social login users (Google, Facebook, and Twitter) set an email and password for their account. Although having a Disqus account is required to comment using Disqus (unless guest commenting is enabled on the site where you want to comment), users can still login with the following social logins: Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Users will only need to authenticate with Disqus one time.

Login with a social media service:

From the Disqus embed, click the icon for your preferred social media network or click its name in the dropdown. Authenticate with the social media network using your credentials for that site.

If you're having trouble logging into an existing Disqus account, here are some Login Troubleshooting steps to try.

What are the Benefits?

  • Login with your preferred method yet manage a single account.

  • You’ll be sure to have a password linked with your account, making your account more secure.

  • Ensure that an email address is linked with your account. This keeps you connected via notifications and the Disqus community through Disqus Digests and other important announcements.

To adjust notifications, go to, then click the “Notifications” tab.

Where did my comments go?! Accounts created via a Social Media log in will exist separately from a full account registered with Disqus by email address. If you intended to log into another account you already had registered, try logging in on with your email address.

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