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What is a site-specific profile?

A site-specific profile is a Disqus profile that can only be used on the site where it was created.

How is a site-specific profile created?

A site-specific profile is created by logging into a site where single sign-on (SSO) has been enabled by the site owner.

There are a few ways you can login to create a site-specific profile: by clicking the site name in the login dropdown, by clicking the site-specific login button above social login methods, or through the site itself.

Curious about SSO? Find out more here: Single Sign-On

Where can I use a site-specific profile?

A site-specific profile can only be used on the site where it was created.

For instance, creating an account at will allow you to comment on that site without signing up for your own Disqus account, but you won't be able to use that profile to comment on any other sites that use Disqus.

What can I do with a site-specific profile?

With a site-specific profile you can comment, reply, vote, share, hide media, flag comments, and recommend discussions. You'll also be able to receive web notifications for replies, upvotes, and when people follow you via the sidebar.

With a site-specific profile you also have the option to manually subscribe to a discussion and receive email notifications for any new comments that are posted to that thread. The email used for notifications will be the one you used to sign up for the site.

Unsubscribe from email notifications as if you were a guest. More information here: Subscribe/Unsubscribe from Notifications.

Although site-specific profiles have many of the features of a Disqus account, there are few things they can't do:

  • Access Disqus Home If you're logged into a Disqus account, you'll be able to access Home, but none of the content or settings will be associated with your site-specific profile.

  • Adjust your profile or account settings If you need to change your profile or accounts settings, contact the site where you made your site-specific profile.

  • Follow other users Although it's possible to follow other users on the site where you created your profile, notifications of their activity won't be shown in the sidebar.

I have a site-specific profile and I want to use Home, what can I do?

Home isn't available to site-specific profiles. If you'd like to use Home and gain access to all the features that a Disqus account has to offer, register a Disqus account by clicking here.

You'll still be able to comment on the site where you had your site-specific profile with your Disqus account, but the comment histories will be separate.

How can I tell if I'm using a site-specific profile?

  • Make sure you're logged out of Disqus at

  • Open a new browser tab and go to a site where you comment

If you're logged into Disqus on that site, the Disqus profile on that site is site-specific.

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